These courses on New Zealand contract law are useful introductions to the role of the EtC.

Contract Law courses at Engineering New Zealand

This suite of one-hour recorded webinars covers all aspects of contract law in the construction industry. The webinars are focused on the engineering profession, but have relevance to project managers, quantity surveyors, or anyone else operating in the roles of Engineer to the Contract or Engineer’s Representative.

Webinar presenter Dr Giovanna Fenster studied law in South Africa and has been training, advising and consulting to the construction and engineering industries for over two decades.

Any webinar – for example the one dealing specifically with Engineer to the Contract – can be purchased for $80.00. All webinars (plus one more) can be purchased using a ten-credit package for $640.00.

Engineer to the Contract

Engineers often fulfil the role of the Engineer to the Contract under a construction contract. This role may include supervising the work, certifying payment, deciding extension of time claims, variations, and related matters. This webinar considers some key provisions in standard construction contracts, and discusses the role served by the Engineer to the Contract in applying these clauses. (2021)

The Construction Contracts Act

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 is a key piece of legislation for the construction industry, regulating payment and dispute resolution for construction contracts. Design and engineering work was included in the Act in September 2016, which means that engineers can get the benefits of the Act’s payment regime and engage with its dispute resolution mechanisms. (2020)

Contract law - Contractual relationships

Construction and engineering projects commonly involve a web of contractual relationships, with subcontractors, consultants, main contractors, and engineers all having separate contractual relationships. This webinar considers how contracts relate to each other, and how rights and obligations are created under these contracts. (2018)

Contract law - Entering into the contract

Most work in the construction sector is regulated in some way by contract law. A contract with a client determines obligations to the client, and the work undertaken may involve tendering and contract negotiations, management of contracts, and advising on contracts. Few engineers have any formal training in contract law; this webinar covers the key issues involved. (2018)

Contract law - When things go wrong

Many contracts proceed smoothly. However disputes and disagreements do arise in construction and engineering contracts, and these are sometimes unavoidable. This webinar considers breach of contract, remedies for breach and dispute resolution. (2018)

Contracts: Stages of completion and defects

The role of Engineer to the Contract involves making decisions on whether works are ready for practical completion, whether they have defects, and who is liable for any defects. This webinar considers what constitutes a defect, and how defects can impact on practical completion and final completion of construction and engineering works. (2018)

Consumer protection laws and the engineer

The work of engineers in New Zealand is impacted by obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act, Fair Trading Act and Building Act, which all extend protection to consumers and homeowners. This webinar explains how different consumer protection laws impact on the work of the engineer. (2020)

Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services

The CCCS is an agreement that regulates the relationship between the client and the consultant engineer. This webinar gives an overview of the revised, fourth edition of this contract, and the key clauses that regulate liability. (2018)

Short Form Consultant's Agreement

The Short Form Consultant’s Agreement regulates the relationship between engineer and client. It covers terms of payment, the expected level of care and skill, and procedure for dispute resolution. (2019)