We’re Engineering New Zealand – a non-profit membership organisation that’s driven to help our engineers be the best so they can engineer better lives for New Zealanders. We’re the voice of engineering. We aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, seek expert advice, explore possibilities, and partner with all sectors of society to drive this.

Promote the industry

We encourage people to choose engineering as a career, and we advocate on behalf of our members.

Share knowledge

We share everything we know about engineering by reporting on news and events, and communicating with our members.

Build connections

We help our members grow their networks through events, local branches and technical groups.

Celebrate achievements

We recognise members who are dedicated to advancing the profession and the industry through our fellowships and awards.

Uphold professional standards

We champion professionalism by maintaining a code of ethical conduct that all our members follow.

Manage competence standards

We set standards and perform assessments that meet international standards for Chartered Memberships and Registrations for Chartered Professional Engineers.

Provide advocacy and advice

We’re the voice of the industry and the profession. As experts, we advise our members, engineering employers, the public and government on all engineering matters.

Support professional development

We offer training opportunities tailored to the needs of engineers and support them throughout their careers.

Encourage global experience

We accredit engineering qualifications to internationally-benchmarked standards to help our members find work overseas easily.

Inspire members to give back

We help create a more cohesive and supportive industry by giving our members the opportunity to contribute to the profession.

Our history

The Institute of Local Government Engineers of New Zealand was the first professional engineering body in New Zealand, established in 1912. As the profession grew and diversified, we became more inclusive and changed our name to the New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers in 1914.

In 1937, new engineering disciplines continued to change the face of the industry. We became the New Zealand Institution of Engineers in recognition of our members' variety of careers. 1982 saw us change our name to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), to reflect the importance of professional engineering standards and honour the range of specialisations within the industry. We celebrated our centenary in 2014.

In 2017, we changed our name to Engineering New Zealand to reflect our new direction and strategy: to bring engineering to life. We want our members to be proud of their profession, and the public to understand the contribution engineers make to society. Our new name explains who we are and what we stand for. It reflects extensive feedback from members about making engineers better recognised, understood and valued. Our previous name, Institution of Professional of Engineers New Zealand, remains our legal name.

Our strategy

Our strategy for 2022–2030 has four key ambitions. We strive for Engineering New Zealand and our members to be:

  1. Professional. Technically skilled, credible, trusted and valued by the communities they serve and live in.
  2. Connected. Nationally and internationally linked with the profession, allied disciplines, government and communities
  3. Leading. Champions of the sustainable change needed to solve society's and the planet's complex challenges.
  4. Thriving. Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive profession where everyone is equipped to succeed.

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