Join us on a journey to embrace Te Ao Māori into the engineering profession.

Expanding our cultural intelligence and uniqueness

Kimihia Rangahaua – our new strategy designed to embed Te Ao Māori (Māori world view) into our work, our organisation and the engineering profession – is here.

The phrase ‘Kimihia Rangahaua’ expresses searching intently for truth, clarity and understanding in what is largely the unknown.

Kimihia Rangahaua recognises and values cultural competency as a core skill for engineers in Aotearoa, and members of Te Ao Rangahau and the wider profession will be supported to develop these skills.

At the heart of Kimihia Rangahaua is the intention to make engineering a profession where Māori can thrive, where stories of Māori engineering are recognised and celebrated, where mātauranga Māori is valued in engineering practice and where the use of te reo Māori is promoted and used.

A big thank you to everyone who’s guided us on this journey so far. This year, our profession will continue its path to embrace Te Ao Māori and strive for inclusivity of Māori perspectives, engineers and engineering.