Like speed dating, but for careers.

Speed interviewing is back for 2024!

Multiple events will be held across Aotearoa throughout the year, where engineering students will practice interviewing techniques in front of their future peers in the engineering profession. Keep an eye out for upcoming events throughout July and August.

In a series of rapid-fire interviews, students will brush up on their skills in front of a mock interviewer. They'll work on getting rid of the nerves and jitters of the interview process ready for the real deal, and getting valuable feedback from industry professionals.

These are free and open to all engineering students, thanks to the proud support of MAS

Fun fact: although these aren't formal interviews for open positions, some students have developed connections that resulted in graduate jobs.


Been there, done that?

If you’re an engineering professional and want to help support the future’s brightest problem solvers , volunteer your time to conduct interviews.

No interviewing experience is required, and it’ll count towards your CPD hours. The best part? You’ll get to know some of the creative thinkers of the future who will take your profession to new heights. Want to know more? Contact us