We've compiled information and resources to support members during natural disasters and severe weather events – the full impact of which can take some time to be realised.

Areas affected by a natural disaster or severe weather event may be placed in a state of emergency. A state of emergency enables Civil Defence to coordinate a regional response across all emergency partners.

Civil Defence and local councils will provide information about how each region is likely to be impacted, what you need to do to prepare, and the regional emergency response.

During the event people will be asked to:

  • contact Civil Defence if they need any assistance or to report slips, flooding or damage
  • call 111 if life or safety is at risk.

Engineers are likely to be involved in the emergency response immediately after an event. This may include stabilising land, repairing infrastructure, and assessing buildings. Engineers may also be involved in search and rescue.

Engineering New Zealand will help share important information for engineers during and after a major event, online and through its branches.

Deployment to regions affected by Cyclone Gabrielle

Many engineers have offered assistance to help with the recovery from Cyclone Gabrielle. Engineers who wish to assist and are ready to be deployed can email us

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