It’s time to stand up for more diversity and inclusion in engineering and architecture.

Diverse and inclusive professions for a diverse and inclusive nation

The Diversity Agenda is a joint initiative from Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Architects and ACE New Zealand, established to make engineering and architecture better professions for all.

Launched in early 2018 with an initial goal to see 20% more women engineers and architects, the campaign has since expanded beyond gender to encapsulate the full range of diversity and inclusion.

Firms across both engineering and architecture, and those that work within these industries, are encouraged to sign up as members to show they’re serious about diversity and inclusion, and benefit from access to resources, events, tools and tips.

Members who want to make the ultimate commitment can then sign the Diversity Agenda Accord, with the personal responsibility from CEs and business owners to be held publicly accountable for achieving truly diverse industries.

Join now, and be the change we all want to see.