The Engineering New Zealand Foundation is a charitable trust that supports our members and future engineers. They offer financial assistance for our members and scholarships for engineering students.


The objectives of the Foundation are to:

  • Encourage New Zealand school leavers into tertiary education in engineering and technology.
  • Educate New Zealanders on the role of technology and engineering in sustainable economic, environmental and social development.
  • Educate New Zealanders on significant engineering and technological achievements that form part of New Zealand’s national heritage.
  • Further, in New Zealand, the development and practical application of scientific knowledge in engineering or technology for the wider public good.
  • Assist, in New Zealand, Members suffering hardship due to physical or mental sickness, disability or incapacity to participate in education or rehabilitation programmes that enable them to resume a career.
  • Promote the relief of poverty, in New Zealand, among Members or their dependents arising from age, physical or mental sickness, disability or incapacity or death of the Member concerned.


All donations to the Foundation are appreciated no matter how big or small. Any donations over $5.00 are tax deductible.

The Foundation relies on the generosity of members and people who make donations or bequests.

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