The Engineering New Zealand Foundation is here for the profession – whether it’s supporting the next generation through scholarships, financially assisting Engineering New Zealand members through tough times, or funding innovative initiatives that’ll drive systemic change.

Who are we? 

We want a thriving, healthy, and enduring engineering profession.

To support this, we fund projects and initiatives that support the profession – to grow and thrive, today and into the future.

We also look at how we can share information, connect people, and build partnerships to achieve this vision.

If you’re looking for funding, connections, or partnerships aligned with our vision, get in touch.

Contact the Foundation

Established as a charitable trust in 2002, the Foundation exists to support Engineering New Zealand’s current and future members with their careers and wellbeing. We're complementary to Engineering New Zealand – related, but independent.

The Foundation is overseen by a Trust Board of six to eight members, appointed on merit by the Engineering New Zealand Board. The Trust Board members are stewards of the trust fund and drive the Foundation’s strategic direction, to bring its purpose to life.