Mentor : : Me is our free mentoring programme for members, which connects experienced engineers with Emerging Professional Members that are in the early stages of their career. Mentoring is a proven way of developing personal and professional capabilities to meet your goals.

Our formal programme for 2024 will run from August to May, with registrations open from July. Participants enter into a voluntary partnership where a mentor provides regular support, guidance and practical help to a mentee. We’ll give you all the resources you need for a successful mentoring relationship, and we’ll check in to see how you’re going. At the end of our programme, it’s up to you whether you continue the partnership on informally.

  • Formal mentoring programme.
  • Recommended approach and structure.
  • Templated forms for goal tracking.
  • Helpful content and resources.

Spaces are limited.

Becoming a mentor

Becoming a mentor isn’t just about helping a less experienced engineer. You’ll get loads out of it too that will help you develop personally and professionally. 

  • Build your leadership skills.
  • Re-examine your own practices, attitudes and values.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Learn from the mentee’s experience and knowledge.
  • Earn CPD hours.

To be a mentor in our programme, you need to be a Member, Chartered Member, Fellow or Distinguished Fellow of Engineering New Zealand. 

I found it so rewarding to coach and encourage young engineers. Learning goes both ways – we both got so much from Mentor : : Me.

 past mentor

Becoming a mentee

To be a mentee in our programme, you need to be an Emerging Professional Member of Engineering New Zealand. Our mentoring programme is not specific to achieving chartership, but your mentor may be able to provide some guidance. 

As a mentee you’ll need to be comfortable driving the partnership with your mentor. They’re here to support and guide you, but you’ll need to be clear on your goals and actively working towards them. Becoming a mentee will help you:

  • increase confidence and self-awareness
  • progress your career
  • increase work satisfaction
  • expand your networks
  • work through challenges.

I can’t thank my mentor enough. With their guidance, I identified gaps in my skills and then I talked to my manager - now I have a plan to address these gaps! Really beneficial experience.

 past mentee

The commitment

  • Meet frequently – around every 6 weeks.
  • Participate for the length of the programme.
  • Provide feedback of your experience to Engineering New Zealand.
  • Agree to our mentoring Code of Conduct.

Get involved

Before you apply, make sure you’ve got the time and energy to commit to the partnership for the year. We also recommend you speak to your employer to gain their support. 

We’ll do our best to find a match for every applicant, but sometimes that’s not always possible.