Panel members are contributing their knowledge and experience to compile and develop resources and training that can help set a benchmark for EtC practice and consistency in services.

These include links to existing courses, resources and other useful information, as well as new resources to help support existing and aspiring EtCs.

Becoming an EtC

This introductory guide explains the range of knowledge, experience and behaviours required to function as a quality EtC and describes the pathways that construction contract practitioners can take to reach the level required to function effectively in the role.

Courses on contract law

This series of of recorded webinars on New Zealand contract law are useful introductions to the role of the EtC.

Professional development

Professional development courses are available from a range of providers, including:

EtC Panel Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines template

Under NZS3910:203, the roles and responsibilities for the EtC and Engineer’s Representative are not always clear. The EtC Panel has developed a guideline note and templates that parties can use to help them determine who should take on which roles and responsibilities during a project.

The EtC Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines are available for free download and use. They will be updated for NZS3910:2023 once the new standard is published in December 2023.

EtC Panel Extension of Time Claim checklist

It’s in everyone’s best interests – principal, contractor and EtC – to quickly and accurately resolve Extension of Time (EoT) delay claims. The EtC Panel Extension of Time Claim checklist is designed to prompt parties issuing EoT claims to supply all required information to the EtC at the start of the claim, reducing back-and-forward interactions that waste time and money. The checklist is available for free download and use.

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