We encourage you to explore and play with newer AI platforms to become familiar with their use, potential and pitfalls. Where workplaces have set restrictions on the use of AI in their organisations, Engineering New Zealand members must always adhere to those policies and protocols.

If your organisation does not yet have any guidelines for good practice with AI and you are in a position to start a conversation about this then we encourage you to do so.

Find out more about appropriate, safe and ethical use of AI

The following media and resources can help you stay updated with the latest in AI.

  • The AI Breakdown– a daily news show that analyses advances in AI for those within the industry
  • Ben’s Bits Daily Digest – learn about AI through curated news and products
  • Hard Fork by The New York Times – a popular tech podcast that covers the latest developments in AI

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Get started, give it a go – and together, let’s redefine the landscape of engineering innovation.

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