Individuals and organisations should consider the following to observe appropriate, safe, and ethical use of AI platforms.

For individuals

  • Data verification. Always double-check the information generated by AI for accuracy and quality. Don’t rely solely on AI outputs.
  • Data sensitivity. Do not put personal, classified, or sensitive information into AI platforms if it could be shared beyond your control.
  • Data sovereignty. Data is subject to the laws of the country where stored. It may also be subject to the laws of the country where generated.
  • Transparency. Be upfront with others when using AI in interactions or decision-making processes. Ethical use includes letting people know AI is involved.
  • Education. Understand how large language models are made, informed and trained, and the limitations and biases that may be inherent in the model.

For organisations

  • Data security. Ensure robust security measures to protect AI data from optimises access.
  • Bias mitigation. Continuously monitor and address biases in AI algorithms to ensure fairness.
  • Regulatory compliance. Stay informed about data protection and AI regulations and adhere to these.
  • User consent. Obtain informed consent when using user data for AI purposes.
  • Regular auditing. Carry out routine audits of AI systems to identify and address issues.
  • Ethical frameworks. Develop and adhere to ethical AI frameworks for responsible usage.
  • Testing. For predictive AI models there are well-established testing frameworks but for generative AI models currently there is no real alternative to rigorous testing in every envisaged use case.
  • Continuous monitoring. Implement mechanisms to evaluate the use of AI in your organisation.
  • Training. Train persons involved in AI to promote awareness of ethical considerations and best practices.
  • AI platform policy. Develop an AI platform policy for safe and appropriate AI use within your organisation. This policy can provide clear guidelines for employees and promote responsible use of AI.

These guidelines are not meant to be an absolute guide. Rather, they aim to help individuals and organisations to begin to use AI platforms effectively while maintaining ethical and responsible standards.

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