Engineering New Zealand is collaborating with MBIE to find ways to incorporate the outputs of the National Seismic Hazard Model’s 2022 update into the building regulatory system. The results of this collaboration have been used to inform the content of a draft Technical Specification TS 1170.5.

Engineering New Zealand hosted webinars on Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 February, designed to help viewers engage during the public comment period. Presenters included members of the Seismic Risk Working Group and the Standards New Zealand TS 1170.5 Committee. A recording of each webinar and copies of the individual presentations are available here for further reference.

Standards New Zealand has provided both the draft TS 1170.5 for consultation and commentary on the draft. 

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TS 1170.5 Webinar Part 1 Recording

TS1170.5 Webinar Part 1 Presentation (without video)

TS1170.5 Webinar 1A 2022 NZSHM Revision

TS1170.5 Webinar 1B Spectral Shape Overview

TS1170.5 Webinar 1C Site Classification

TS1170.5 Webinar 1D Fatality Risk Assessment

TS 1170.5 Webinar Part 2 Recording

TS1170.5 Webinar Part 2 Presentation (without video)

TS1170.5 Webinar 2A Geotechnical Considerations

TS1170.5 Webinar 2B Rocking Foundations

TS1170.5 Webinar 2C Parts and Components