Engineering New Zealand Te Ao Rangahau has developed guidance to help councils review the hundreds of properties impacted by misrepresentations made by Jonathan Beau (JB) Hall of Kodiak Consulting on documents used in building consent applications.

It is alleged Hall, a Taupō-based engineering technologist, completed documents using others’ identities and credentials without their permission. The documents include producer statements, which provide assurance to councils that a design meets Building Code and consenting requirements when signed by a Chartered Professional Engineer.

Engineering New Zealand Chief Executive Dr Richard Templer says, “We’ve actively been working with councils on this evolving issue. The aim of this guidance is to help councils classify the likelihood and types of risk to properties in their regions.”

Concerns about building consents issued based on documents provided by Hall are now known to affect 42 councils nationwide, with over 1,000 properties impacted.

As well as concerns about sign-off processes, the robustness of Hall’s designs is also now being scrutinised. Templer says, “Our advice to councils now is to look at all designs in which Mr Hall has been involved, regardless of the sign-off process.

“We’ve heard from councils and I’m very aware this will be a significant task for all affected councils, as well as those engineers engaged in reviewing Mr Hall’s designs,” says Templer.

“Understandably people will be anxious for information about their properties, and this guidance is intended to help inform councils’ next steps with owners as they respond to this challenging situation.”

Engineering New Zealand is keeping the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment informed and is assisting the New Zealand Police with their investigations into Hall. It is also understood Hall is cooperating with police.

Further information for engineers, councils, architects, owners and the public can now be found on Engineering New Zealand’s website

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Engineering New Zealand is New Zealand's professional body for engineers, with some 22,000 members. We represent – and regulate – our members. We also act as the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers.

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Engineering New Zealand’s information for engineers, councils, architects, owners of impacted properties, and the public about this issue, and will be updated routinely:

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