The Engineering Heritage Board provides support and strategic direction to Engineering New Zealand’s heritage work programme.

The Engineering Heritage Board has up to ten members. Members are appointed by the Engineering New Zealand Governing Board, following a call for nominations or expressions of interest.

The objectives of the Engineering Heritage Board are to:

  • Advocate for the protection and preservation of our engineering heritage
  • Celebrate and tell diverse stories of past engineering achievements
  • Support engineers to deliver the best outcomes for built, environmental and cultural heritage through their professional practice
  • Care for our institutional history.

Current work programmes include:

  • Heritage Register – an advocacy tool for our most significant engineering heritage
  • Heritage Records – short web entries about interesting engineering heritage
  • Walking tours on our mobile app
  • Biographies of engineers
  • Oral histories
  • Webinars / panel discussions
  • Heritage festival events
  • Local opportunities to collaborate on on-site interpretation and advocacy
  • Advocacy and planning for heritage at council/regional District Plan level
  • Collaboration with Heritage New Zealand, Department of Conservation and local heritage organisations
  • Collaboration with local Branches or Young Engineers to run events.

Read the Heritage Strategy

Join the Engineering Heritage Board

We are looking for nominations for new members.

What it involves

  • The Board meets quarterly. Meetings are online, or occasionally, in-person and run for two hours. Members and staff prepare papers ahead of the meeting and these are circulated in advance.

Why be involved?

  • Shape the strategic direction of Engineering New Zealand’s heritage work by contributing your knowledge, experience and perspectives
  • Gain experience in a national governance role
  • Support our members to deliver great outcomes for heritage that benefit the environment and communities
  • Help us tell diverse stories that are widely accessible
  • Use your networks to help us understand and reach new audiences
  • Support our important programmes – Engineering Climate Action and Kimihia Rangahaua.

Who should apply?

  • We need a range of skillsets and experience, including practicing engineers, to help us tell stories that resonate with and reflect the diversity of our membership
  • We need strategic and creative thinkers, who will help us increase the impact and reach of our heritage work
  • We may also co-op people to fill a specific role or to bring particular expertise.


To apply or to nominate someone, please provide the following to

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. A paragraph outlining suitability for appointment.

The closing date for nominations or expressions of interest for the Engineering Heritage Board is 31 May 2024.

The Governing Board will appoint new members in July. And they will attend their first Engineering Heritage Board meeting in August.

When considering appointments, the Governing Board will assess whether nominees have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to assist the Engineering Heritage Board to achieve its objectives.

Please do not hesitate to be in contact if you would like further information.