Want more detail? Here, you'll find in-depth write ups on some interesting projects, aimed at supporting the Engineering Climate Action mahi for our profession.

Te Ao Rangahau Engineering New Zealand's Internal Carbon Footprint and Management

This case study will take you through each stage, explaining the process we took and the lessons learnt along the way, when we had our organisation's carbon footprint audited. We intend for this resource to provide organisations and members who haven’t participated in this process before with guidance on where to begin and what to expect.

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Clearwater Quays Apartments, Christchurch

Completed in 2022, the Clearwater Quays Apartment in Christchurch, a five-level, luxury, residential apartment, is not just carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative. It sequesters over a million kilograms of CO2 by using mass-engineered timber in place of traditional materials. A recently released case study provides important learnings for industry professionals considering mass-engineered timber in their next project.

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Hospital pass

In our first Climate Action case study, Senior Energy Engineer Jack Young discusses how the heavily regulated and change-averse health care sector has begun to drive transformational change to tackle the task of energy transition. He demonstrates how the lessons learnt can be applied to other industries.

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