Engineering New Zealand is collaborating with MBIE to find ways to incorporate outputs of the National Seismic Hazard Model’s 2022 update – and learnings from the last 20 years into the building regulatory system related to improving building performance in earthquakes.

Following recent seminars on Stage 1 – to support the public consultation for Technical Specification TS 1170.5 – this short webinar hosted on Monday 15 April, provides an overview of the topics being tackled in Stage 2.

This work is being conducted through the Seismic Risk Work Programme VM1 Project and, led by the Seismic Risk Working Group (SRWG) with support from experts and researchers across the private, public, and academic sectors. Stage 1 of the project was to prepare a draft TS 1170.5 based on consideration of the updated National Seismic Hazard Model. The goal of Stage 2 is to develop a seismic design approach for buildings that provides better outcomes for society from our built environment in earthquakes and recognises cost and sustainability. Stage 2 will take approximately 2 years to complete and will lead to an update to TS 1170.5.

Presenters during the webinar included:

  • Ken Elwood – Chief Engineer (Building Resilience) at MBIE
  • John Hare – CEO at Holmes Group Limited
  • Michelle Grant – Director at LGE Consulting
  • Rick Wentz – Principle Engineer at Wentz Pacific Ltd.

A recording of the webinar and a copy of the presentation are available below for further reference.


B1/VM1 Project Stage 2 Recording

B1/VM1 Project Stage 2 presentation (no video)