Engineering New Zealand proposes to open a New Zealand section of the International Engineering Technicians Register.

The new register will give engineering technicians who are Chartered Members greater recognition overseas and enhance their credibility around the world. The new register will sit alongside our International Registers for Professional Engineers and Engineering Technologists. 

The Agreement for International Engineering Technicians (AIET) was signed at the International Engineering Alliance Meetings in 2015. The Agreement establishes an international benchmark quality standard for individuals practising as fully qualified engineering technicians. 

Engineering New Zealand recently became an Authorised Member of the Agreement, which means we are entitled to open a New Zealand section of the Register. This will sit alongside the New Zealand sections of the International Registers for Professional Engineers and Engineering Technologists.

The perks

Being on an international register gives you access to an internationally recognised quality mark and enhances your credibility overseas. It improves your work opportunities, especially in other countries that have signed the Agreement, which include Australia and the UK. Being on an international register can also streamline overseas membership, registration and licensing processes.

Eligible engineering technicians who sign up to the international register will be able to use the postnominal IntETn (NZ).


To be eligible for registration, engineering technicians must be Chartered Members with at least one year’s practical experience after achieving a qualification recognised under the Dublin Accord, or an equivalent qualification. Registrants must also have made their annual commitment to continuing professional development.

The fee for registration will be $60 per year.

Changes to regulations

To open the new register, we will need to make some changes to our Regulations for Competence Registers. At the same time, we’re making a couple of changes to streamline the application process for all our International Registers. 

View the proposed changes to the Regulations   |  221.2 KB


Before we open the New Zealand section of the International Register for Engineering Technicians, we want to hear any feedback from our members. Consultation will be open until 11 April 2019. Please send any feedback to with ‘IntETn(NZ) Consultation’ in the subject line.

We will be contacting eligible Chartered Members with more information about the proposed new register. 

Find out more about becoming a Chartered Member or applying to an international register