A timeline of key events in the complaint against Dr Alan Reay, who owned the company that designed the CTV Building.

The CTV building was designed by Alan Reay Consultants and collapsed in the Christchurch Earthquake of 22 February 2011, tragically claiming 115 lives. The Department of Building and Housing (superseded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) raised a complaint with Engineering New Zealand (then IPENZ) that Dr Reay breached his professional obligations, based on findings from the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission of Inquiry. There are two aspects to the complaint.

The first is that the employee engaged by Dr Reay to perform the design work lacked the necessary experience to design buildings like the CTV Building, and that Dr Reay knew this but failed to adequately supervise his employee.

The second is that Dr Reay exerted inappropriate pressure on the Christchurch City Council to approve the building, when the Commission found this shouldn't have been done in view of its serious design deficiencies.

Below is a timeline of key events in these proceedings.

Separate to this complaint, a Police investigation concluded in November 2017 that there would be no criminal prosecution in relation to the collapse of the CTV building.


CTV building designed by an engineer employed by Alan Reay Consultants Ltd (at the time, both Dr Reay and the engineer were Registered Engineers under the Engineers Registration Act 1924 and Professional Members of IPENZ)

September 1986

Building permit for CTV Building approved by Christchurch City Council

January 2003

Engineers Registration Act 1924 repealed and replaced by Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002

IPENZ appointed as Registration Authority under CPEng Act, but has no powers to investigate complaints against former Registered Engineers

February 2011

Christchurch earthquake and collapse of the CTV Building

April 2011

Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission of inquiry appointed

August – December 2012

Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission report released

December 2012

Department of Building and Housing complains to IPENZ about Dr Reay. The complaint proceeds under IPENZ’s membership rules since the CPEng Act and Rules do not apply

May 2013

Investigating Committee appointed

February 2014

Dr Reay resigns his membership of IPENZ

April 2014

Investigating Committee issues its decision dismissing the complaint on the basis that Dr Reay is no longer a member of IPENZ

March 2015

IPENZ changes its Member Rules to allow disciplinary processes to continue despite a member’s resignation

March 2015

The Attorney General, on behalf of MBIE, brings judicial review proceedings against IPENZ and Dr Reay in relation to the Investigating Committee’s decision to dismiss the complaint

October 2017

IPENZ changes its name to Engineering New Zealand

December 2018

High Court issues its decision on the judicial review proceedings, declaring IPENZ had jurisdiction to hear MBIE’s complaint about Dr Reay and the Investigating Committee was wrong to dismiss it

February 2019

Dr Reay appeals the High Court’s decision to the Court of Appeal

October 2019

Court of Appeal upholds the High Court’s decision

A new Investigating Committee is appointed

May 2022

Investigating Committee issues decision (confidential to the parties), referring the complaint to a disciplinary committee

June 2022

Disciplinary Committee appointed

March 2023

Disciplinary Committee sets the hearing date for the complaint against Dr Reay (21–22 August, Christchurch)

May 2023

Dr Reay seeks judicial review of Engineering New Zealand’s process

September 2023

Judicial review heard in Wellington High Court (Monday 4 September)