Disciplinary Committee chair Andrew McMenamin’s closing statement at Reay Hearing on Wednesday 6 December 2023.

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Andrew McMenamin CPEng CMEngNZ. Photo: Stuff Limited

Thank you everyone. We have reached the end of the public part of our hearing. Dr Reay has until Monday to provide his final written submissions.

Before we go, I’d like to reflect:

Many years have passed since the CTV building was designed and built. Part of the purpose of this hearing has been for this committee to understand what was the accepted standard of structural engineering practice in the 1980s. We have undertaken this process to assist with our determination whether to uphold or dismiss the complaint against Dr Reay.

I am sincerely grateful to all who have helped with our understanding of this matter, and what engineering practice was like in the 1980s. In particular:

  • Dr Wayne Stewart, the chair of the Investigating Committee
  • Dr Andy Buchanan, the witness
  • Dr Reay, through his counsel Ms McDonald.

I thank you for your engagement and cooperation over the last three days.

I also wish to thank my colleagues on the Disciplinary Committee – Cordelia Thomas, David Naulls, Kevin Johnson and Gordon Hughes.

I also wish to thank Engineering New Zealand staff for the time they’ve given to help with this hearing.

We are aware this case has an extremely high public profile. I reiterate that under our rules, we can only consider Dr Reay's conduct as it relates to Mr Harding's work on the design of the CTV building.

So, to the CTV families:  The committee and I cannot comprehend your loss and we realise that listening to our proceedings has been difficult for you at times. I would like to acknowledge the submission of Dr Maan Alkaisi on behalf of the families.

We will now await Dr Reay's final submission, which is due on Monday evening, and then continue our work in private. We will consider the evidence and submissions that have been put before us. I'm sure everyone appreciates that we need to be diligent about this to ensure our findings our sound, and that we may take some time to reach a conclusion.

Kia whakairia te tapu

Kia wātea ai te ara

Kia turuki whakataha ai

Kia turuki whakataha ai

Haumi e. Hui e. Tāiki e

Kia ora, ngā mihi nui. Thank you all, and safe travels. We’re adjourned.