We’re constantly reviewing new applications for competence assessment, prior to applicants’ submission being sent to an assessment panel. Our assessment team have put together some top tips for those of you in the process of compiling submissions.

Check in with your references

Make sure your referees know they must complete their reference before you submit your assessment. It's also a good idea to ask your referees to review your assessment submission before submitting.

Google Chrome is the way to go

If you can, use Google Chrome – this is the most compatible browser with our online member area.

Stay on top of CPD

Record CPD and work records as you go – and our online member area makes this easy! It’ll also avoid you backtracking through six years of records and compiling them all at once…

Know your definitions

Refer to the ‘Complexity Definitions’ in our Assessment Guidance.

Read them here

Back it up

Make sure your ‘Practice Area’ is backed up by your work samples and ensure your work samples have ‘complexity’.

Have an expert check it

Run your assessment past a current CPEng colleague to get their feedback before submitting. They’ve been through this process before and will likely be able to spot where any adjustments are needed.

Let us guide you

Watch our ‘Let’s get you Chartered’ online assessment guidance video

This provides a great overview of the assessment process and requirements, from start to finish, as well as other helpful tips.

Don't over do it

Stick to the recommended number of work records. Don’t over-provide and ensure these link to your evidence. The assessors will always ask you for more evidence if they feel they need it.

Meet the standard

Ensure you’ve shown the assessor how you have met the minimum standard. Remember, the onus is on you to demonstrate your professional engineering competence within the 12 elements.

Read more on the four competency groups

For more detailed guidance on the elements that need to be addressed, applicants should refer to the minimum standard as outlined in the CPEng Rules.

Get in touch

And lastly, don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any further questions.

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