The Government have been consulting on a Green Paper entitled a Vision for Hydrogen. We asked members for feedback on the Green Paper in order to inform an Engineering New Zealand submission.

We had considerable feedback and are grateful for all who supported the drafting of the submission. The key themes from our submission were:

  • We support the drive to a zero-carbon economy, recognising the challenges. 
  • The use of hydrogen for storage and transmission of energy has technical engineering challenges that include inefficiencies, material sciences and health and safety considerations, as such engineers need to be actively involved in the Government’s direction.
  • Renewable energy is a valuable resource and must be utilised well for maximum efficiency.
  • We support a regulatory environment that encourages the use of New Zealand’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors to drive innovations in energy generation, storage and transmission.

We look forward to ongoing conversations about New Zealand’s transmission to a low-emissions economy.

Read the paper: Vision for Hydrogen in New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand submission on 'A Vision for Hydrogen'   |  245.5 KB