Engineering New Zealand wants to see a strong regulatory framework for engineers – one that protects the public, works for the whole of the profession, and is operationally efficient, simple to understand and operate.

The Chartered Professional Engineers system was established in legislation in 2002 (Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002 and Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Rules (No 2) 2002). The Act named the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (Engineering New Zealand) as the Registration Authority.

Since 2002 the CPEng Rules have remained largely unchanged, although much has changed within the industry over this time. This is because both officials and Engineering New Zealand were hopeful new legislation would be passed to change the way engineers are regulated.

The recent change of Government has meant it is unlikely such legislative moves will progress in the near future. As such, Engineering New Zealand is focusing its time and resources on strengthening CPEng regulations (the Rules) to achieve many of the reform objectives with minimal disruption. We have already established a new Chartered Professional Engineers Board to provide independent governance of the Registration Authority. We are looking to introduce registration classes and we continue on improvements to both the registration and disciplinary processes.

Engineering New Zealand will also advocate for changes to the Chartered Professional Engineers’ Act (2002) to strengthen its purpose and levers, as well as the inclusion of requirements for engineers to be registered as Chartered Professional Engineers in the other legislation eg dam (safety).

Any change would require consultation with you – our members – the profession, and wider sector. We expect to consult in late 2024 and look forward to your input as we work to advance professional regulation.