We're working with MBIE to deliver some projects that'll benefit the industry and the profession, including finalising the Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Practice Series modules.

These projects are funded by MBIE, to support the building regulatory system.

Engineering New Zealand is working in partnership with the New Zealand Geotechnical Society (NZGS) to finalise the Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Practice Series modules, which are currently available to engineers as draft guidance. 

We’ve appointed Mike Stannard as Editor. Mike was Chief Engineer for MBIE for nine years, oversaw the development of the Modules back in 2016 and brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. Mike has brought back authors Rick Wentz, Nick Traylen, Misko Cubrinovski and Kevin McManus to begin planning work on Modules One, Three and Six. 

The team is currently considering feedback to determine what's required to finalise or update the modules. We're very grateful for the all the feedback received on the modules to date. If you use them and have feedback, please send it to modulefeedback@nzgs.org

Other similar projects we’re delivering for MBIE include C5 Evidence, and Low Damage Design, which we expect to stand up in September.