Updated guidance for engineers undertaking Chartered Professional Engineer assessments is now available.

The new assessment guidance includes changes to our ID verification process, new rules for referees and interactive assessments, and a new self-assessment tool.

Photo ID

From June 2024, chartership applicants will be required to provide us with a valid form of photo ID for the first time, which will be verified during interactive interviews. The ID requirement will be implemented for reassessments from January 2025.

Additional verification from referees

Also from June, one referee will be required to sight and verify the authenticity of first-time applicants’ portfolios. The same will be required for reassessments from January 2025.

Updates for interactive assessments

Applicants undergoing interactive assessments via videoconference will now be required to use a webcam and will be recorded for quality assurance purposes. Recordings will be stored securely on Engineering New Zealand’s server for three months or until conclusion of the assessment process. Recordings will reinforce the integrity of our assessment procedures and can be used as evidence should an applicant lodge an appeal. Engineering New Zealand is committed to adhering to the Privacy Act 2020 throughout this process.

Self-assessment tool

A new self-assessment tool assists engineers on their journey towards Chartership. The tool helps clarify the 12 elements of assessment and their grouping into four foundational competency groups. The tool also helps to define levels of proficiency and provide performance indicators for each element for engineers, their managers and mentors, to better assess an applicant’s readiness for Chartership.

You can read the full guidance or email us for more information.