While the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment continues to work on how engineers are regulated, any change will take a number of years.

MBIE has provided advice to the Minister of Building and Construction

MBIE is in the process of providing advice to the Minister on the occupational regulation of engineers. This work is part of a suite of advice MBIE is providing to the Minister to inform Bill 2 of MBIE’s building law reforms. Bill 1 (building methods, products, levy, offences and penalties and public notifications) will be introduced to the House shortly. 

We’re still some time off from any licensing legislation being introduced to Parliament. Even then, MBIE advises it will take at least 18 months for an engineering licensing scheme to be fully operational once any legislation is passed.  

What does this mean for the future of CPEng?

If you are considering applying for CPEng registration, then you should keep going through this process. 

MBIE’s position is that the CPEng scheme will remain (potentially with amendments), so we’re thinking carefully about its shape and will be consulting further with members.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Jodi Caughley, Engineering New Zealand’s Policy and Projects Lead, on 04 474 9650 or jodi.caughley@engineeringnz.org

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