The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) is currently consulting on its Building Code update 2021. The update focuses on the energy efficiency of buildings, proposing to increase minimum insulation levels.

It also proposes introducing a new Verification Method H1/VM3 to establish a baseline and standardise procedures to help designers/BCAs demonstrate and verify compliance with Clause H1.3.6 of the Code.

Finally, MBIE also proposes introducing new acceptable solutions and verification methods for G1 National Light, to further support the suitable development of higher-density housing.

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We're generally supportive of MBIE’s proposals. With regard to insulation, we consider New Zealand standards should be at (or above) international standards. Before we submit to MBIE, we'd like to have your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts by emailing our Policy & Projects Lead Jodi Caughley, before Friday 14 May.

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Building Code operating protocols – referencing standards and the introduction of a tier framework

In addition to the above proposed changes to the Code, this year MBIE is also asking for feedback on the introduction of two new “operating protocols”. These protocols seek to provide clarity on MBIE’s management of the standards referenced in the Building Code.

The first protocol is titled “Referencing standards in the Building Code system” and intends to provide guidance on the use of standards, and the criteria for referencing a standard.

The second protocol is titled “Tier framework to support standards in the Building Code system” and proposes to introduce a framework for MBIE’s maintenance and updates of existing standards.

We're supportive of MBIE providing transparency on its processes relating to standards. However, we do have significant concerns about the scope of the ‘tiers’ proposed by MBIE (page 13) and would greatly appreciate feedback on these.

Please send feedback to Jodi Caughley before Friday 14 May.