In a typical month, the Canterbury Branch run technical presentations, site visits to significant projects and get together socially. Every year, they host a breakfast for the Board roadshow and celebrate members’ professional achievements. They're close with the University of Canterbury, and through ENSOC give engineering students the chance to network with industry professionals.


Fritha McCrimmon-Robinson

Vice Chair
Andrew Lamb

Cameron Chapman

Committee Members

  • Brian Anderson
  • Enda Crossin
  • Negar Gharashir
  • Rico Parkinson
  • Shahwz Rasool Bhutto
  • Zoe Pletz

Young Engineers

Izzy Berliner

Vice Chair
Kate Parkinson

Bailey Brandham

Committee Members

  • Alex Gillon
  • Anna Whillis
  • Brittany Stewart
  • James Penrose
  • Kha Pham Nguyen
  • Neeraj Pratap
  • Richelle Fernandes

Student Reps

  • Nathania Cheung – University of Canterbury
  • Shahrose Chatha – Ara Institute of Canterbury

National Branch Facilitator


Branch members