In a typical month, the Canterbury Branch run technical presentations, site visits to significant projects and get together socially. Every year, they host a breakfast for the Board roadshow and celebrate members’ professional achievements. They're close with the University of Canterbury, and through ENSOC give engineering students the chance to network with industry professionals.

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Fritha McCrimmon-Robinson

Vice Chair
Andrew Lamb

Cameron Chapman

Sristy Malla

Newsletter Editors

  • Enda Crossin
    Rico Parkinson

Committee Members

  • Brian Anderson
  • Alex Gillion
  • Brian Anderson
  • Jacobus Grant
  • Josefien Van Bael
  • Rob Dantzer
  • Seb Thompson
  • Zoe Pletz

Young Engineers

Kate Parkinson

Bailey Brandham

Committee Members

  • Alex Gillon
  • Abbie Wilson
  • Cameron Swales
  • Emma Lloyd
  • Edbert Livia
  • Neeraj Pratap
  • Richelle Fernendes

Student Reps

  • Guy Weenik – University of Canterbury (UC)
  • Samantha Couper – University of Canterbury (UC)

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Branch members