Help bring engineering to life in your community by being part of your Branch committee.

What role do Branches play?

Our branches help create a strong regional hub, so members feel part of a vibrant community. They support Engineering New Zealand’s strategy by putting our ambitions into action – that our members are:

  • credible
  • connected
  • influential
  • recognised
  • thriving.

What do committee members do?

The committee’s role is to inspire, engage and connect Engineering New Zealand members in their region. Our committee members champion Engineering New Zealand’s strategy through events and by connecting with our stakeholders and the public. This means one month you might be organising a site visit to show our members an exciting piece of local engineering, while the next month you could be organising a networking event.

Each branch is run slightly differently depending on its size and committee preferences. You can expect to attend regular committee meetings to discuss and plan activities for the months ahead. These are held in person with an online option. Committee meetings are run by the branch Chair, who delegates tasks to committee members. Some committees have a more structured approach, with members being designated a role or portfolio, while other committees are more flexible.

Your Chair will try and give you tasks that match your interests and skills where possible. Committee membership is also an opportunity to learn new skills, so please let your Chair know if you would like to expand your abilities in a certain area.

The branch committee will explore opportunities to engage with a wide range of members by:

  • collaborating with Young Engineers, other branches, Groups, external organisations and other non-engineering organisations
  • networking with a diverse range of engineers, including engineers from different disciplines, students and young engineers
  • expanding engineering knowledge through site visits and local projects
  • exposing new innovations and learnings

What committee roles are there?

  • Chair – takes overall responsibility for co-ordinating branch activities.
  • Vice Chair – deputises for the Chair and helps coordinate branch activities.
  • Secretary – looks after the smooth day-to-day running of the branch.
  • Treasurer – oversees financial matters.
  • Editor – keeps members informed through branch newsletters and event notices.

Other committee roles:

  • Academic and schools liaison.
  • Events coordinator.
  • Companies liaison and sponsorship.
  • Local council liaison.
  • Technical groups and industry liaison.

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How can volunteering help you?

Give back to the industry, develop your leadership skills and meet your peers. Volunteering can also enhance your career prospects.

We thank you for your contribution by offering 20% off Engineering New Zealand courses and live webinars.

What's the commitment?

Committees work best when tasks are shared, and committee members are expected to take an active part in branch activities. You will find certain times of year are busier than others.

We ask our committee members to remember their obligations under the Code of Ethical Conduct when representing their branch. This includes supporting the aims and ethos of Engineering New Zealand and maintaining and safeguarding the confidentiality of all member information that is not publicly available.

How we support you

We want to make sure your time as a committee member is both enjoyable and rewarding. You will receive full support from your local committee and be in contact with Engineering New Zealand staff. There is also an opportunity to dial into online meetings with branch, Young Engineer and Group committee members. We provide information and guidance on branch activities, as well as design and administrative support for your events and newsletters.

Get involved

Branches can ‘call for applications’ to join the committee at any time of the year. You can contact your local branch Chair should you wish to join prior, alternatively you can email

To be considered you must be an Engineering New Zealand paid financial member.