Engineering New Zealand takes ethics and professionalism very seriously. We hold our engineers accountable for their work on behalf of the New Zealand public. Our ethics are based on professional competence, personal integrity and social responsibility. Members of Engineering New Zealand are subject to the Code and commit to it each year.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct outlines the high standards of ethical behaviour expected of all members of Engineering New Zealand.

  1. Take reasonable steps to safeguard health and safety
  2. Have regard to effects on environment
  3. Report adverse consequences
  4. Act competently
  5. Behave appropriately
  6. Inform others of consequences of not following advice
  7. Maintain confidentiality
  8. Report breach of Code

All members of Engineering New Zealand are subject to the Code. Once a year, we'll ask you to declare you will comply with the Code. Engineers who are registered as Chartered Professional Engineers are also subject to a separate but identical Code. The Code does not apply to engineers who are not members of Engineering New Zealand or Chartered Professional Engineers.

We have a practice note to help guide you through the 8 principles of the Code of Ethical Conduct. Read it to understand why ethics is at the core of engineering practice and how ethical practice is vital to your reputation.

We also have an online module available to members. Log in to your member area to access in your resources.

Read the Annual Commitment to Ethics Policy   |  254.1 KB

Code of Ethical Conduct   |  521.7 KB

Te Rārangi Tikanga (Te Reo Māori version)   |  351.5 KB

Engineers and Ethical Obligations Practice Note   |  381.7 KB

Download the Code of Ethical Conduct poster (print-ready, A1)   |  428.2 KB

Download the Code of Ethical Conduct poster in te reo Māori (print-ready, A1)   |  427.0 KB

If you have any questions about the Code of Ethical Conduct, or the annual commitment that we require all members to make to the Code, email us at