Water New Zealand is the technical body for the three waters sector – drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. We advocate and promote the sustainable management of the water environment and in particular, the three waters through supporting members, and engaging with key partners and stakeholders. As the “go-to” three waters advisor and Engineering New Zealand partner, we provide independent technical advice and data, workforce training, and enable knowledge-sharing in this space.


Join more than 2600 decisionmakers and technologists from local and central government, industry, the academic and research communities, consultants and service/equipment and supply organisations. Keep up-to-date with the latest news, events and trends in the three waters. Members receive access to event discounts and trade expo stands at conferences , past conference papers, information on industry policies, technical information and access to online library, as well as publications, opportunities to network and nominate and vote for board members.

Many members take advantage of further opportunities to join subgroups and special interest groups.

These include:

  • The Water Utilities Association of New Zealand – this subgroup’s principal function is to discuss major policy issues that affect the sector and to provide advice to the Board of Water New Zealand. Membership is drawn from the senior management of territorial local authorities and larger corporate members (consultants, contractors and suppliers).
  • Water Services Managers' Group (WSMG)
  • The Water Services Managers Group (WSMG) is made up of Territorial Local Authorities or their agents who are responsible for the management of water supply, trunk sewers, local reticulation, sewage treatment and stormwater assets.

Special interest groups include:

  • Backflow: The single biggest pool of collective knowledge on backflow in New Zealand and represents all aspects of the backflow industry.
  • Climate Change: Works at the intersection of water and climate change with a focus on the development of a low carbon pathway for the New Zealand water industry.
  • Modelling: Promotes and supports industry best practice in water modelling through education, events, and guidelines.
  • Onsite Waste Water Management Systems: Encompasses interest in all aspects of on-site domestic wastewater systems through to small community wastewater servicing and includes the use of natural systems such as waste stabilisation ponds, constructed wetlands and land treatment processes in managing small wastewater flows within the environment.
  • Smart Water Infrastructure: Brings together water asset managers, operators, vendors, consultants and academics to promote the use of smart meters, IoT Sensors, data analytics and digital innovation to improve the New Zealand water sector.
  • Stormwater: Provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of stormwater system management in an urban context and assists in the definition and promotion of best industry practice for stormwater management within Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Water Efficiency Conservation Network: Aims to lead the national conversation on water efficiency and conservation and to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing across the New Zealand water industry and develop tools and practices for improving water use and efficiency.
  • Young Water Professionals: This group is open to any member of Water New Zealand (Student/Recent Graduate/Individual/Corporate Additional) who is under the age of 35 and wishes to connect with other young professionals in the water industry. It provides for regionally based interaction between young water professionals and encourages younger water professionals and students to become more involved in the water industry.


Water New Zealand offers a number of different types of membership including corporate, individual, student/recent graduate as well as retired membership for individuals that have previously held full financial membership.

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