The Temporary Works Forum NZ has been established to encourage open discussion on any matter related to Temporary Works, for the benefit of the New Zealand Construction Industry.

What they do

The Forum’s primary objectives with respect to temporary works are to:

  • Give authoritative guidance and when required professional leadership to the industry;
  • Consider aspects of permanent works and interfaces between permanent works and temporary works as are relevant;
  • Consider both current practice and likely development;
  • Be aware of trends and innovations in design, construction and use.

This remit will be delivered by:

  • Providing a forum for reasoned debate;
  • Arranging seminars and meetings for opinion formers and experts;
  • Providing and contributing to education and guidance material;
  • Seeking close working relationships with others; and
  • Influencing industry and others.


Applications for membership are now open and are complimentary thanks to our industry supporters.

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Get involved

TWf NZ holds quarterly public meetings in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Check here for upcoming meetings.

If you would like to learn more about the forum, please join as a member, join our LinkedIn group and/or contact one of our Committee members below at

Committee members

Committee member



Committee member Andy O'Sullivan

Position Chair

Employer Andy O'Sullivan Geotechnical Engineers

Committee member Susan Temple

Position Vice Chair

Employer NZS Group

Committee member Gil Johnstone

Position Secretary

Employer Fulton Hogan

Committee member Chris Hewitt

Position Treasurer

Employer Brian Perry Civil

Committee member Tom Watson

Position Member

Employer Robert Bird Group

Committee member Matt Mules

Position Member

Employer Oxcon.CLL

Committee member Marianne Rogers

Position Member

Employer Geovert NZ

Committee member Dewi Todd-Jones

Position Member

Employer Waka Kotahi NZTA

Committee member Chris Cable

Position Member

Employer Kina Consulting Engineers

Committee member David Lyes

Position Member

Employer Downer

TWF(NZ) Publications

Good Practice Guidance

TWfNZ GPG01:19 Temporary Works: Procedural Control GPG

Good Practice Guidance (GPG01:19) Examples

Example 1 – A sheetpiled excavation

Example 2 – Precast panel propping

Example 3 – Propping of a suspended concrete slab

Example 4 – Site Fencing

Technical Guidance Notes

TGN01:20 – Engineered Scaffold

TGN02:22 – Temporary Works in a Marine Environment

TGN03:22 – Precast Panel Propping Design

TGN04:23 – Temporary Working Platforms

TGN04:23 – Temporary Working Platforms – Working Platform Certificate

TGN05:23 – Temporary Works Risk Assessment and Categorisation

TWf(NZ) Information Posters




Mobile Crane Pads

Working Platforms

External Publications

New Zealand

Scaffolding in New Zealand – Good Practice Guidelines

Excavation Safety – Good Practice Guidelines

Safe Work with Precast Concrete

Approved Code of Practice for Cranes

Approved Code of Practice for load-lifting rigging

Best Practice Guidelines for Demolition in New Zealand

Health and Safety by Design: an introduction


NOTE: The use of international guidance should be used in accordance with NZS1170 for the consideration of loadings to New Zealand conditions.

TWf 2013:01 Stability of Reinforcement cages prior to concreting

TWf 2012:01 Hoardings – A guide to good practice

BRE 470 – Working platforms for tracked plant

CPA 1402 – Ground conditions for construction plant

CIRIA C703 – Crane Stability on site

CIRIA C654 – Tower Crane Stability

CIRIA C761 – Guide to tower crane foundation and tie design

CIRIA C750 – Groundwater control: design and practice

CIRIA C579 – Retention of masonry facades – best practice guide

CIRIA Report 97 – Trenching practice

CIA Z36 – Formwork Handbook

ICE – Temporary Works: Principles of Design and Construction

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NOTE: The working relationship between international forums is to be open and mutually beneficial, but carries no direct affiliation.

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