Rivers Group is for people who are passionate about the successful management of river systems across New Zealand. Members include engineers, geomorphologists, hydrologists, ecologists, scientists, planners, managers and others who want to work together to create and manage river systems that future generations can be proud of.

What the group does

  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary interaction between individuals, communities and professionals involved in catchment management, flood risk management and river management.
  • Promote best practice, leadership and the sharing of technical knowledge in all aspects of catchment management, including flood risk management, river restoration and river engineering throughout urban and rural environments.
  • Support and promote relevant science and research in river and catchment management and to disseminate that information among professionals, academics, decision makers and the general public.

The Rivers Group is a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand.

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  • Information and copies of their newsletter.
  • Participate in conferences and seminars at preferential rates.
  • Participate in annual, general or special meetings.

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