The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) was formed in April 1968, and has made a significant impact on attitudes and practices for earthquake engineering through study projects, seminars, conferences, and publication of The Bulletin.

What they do

The society aims to gather, shape and apply knowledge to reduce the impact of earthquakes on our communities by:

  • fostering the advancement of the science and practice of earthquake engineering across all disciplines.
  • promoting co-operation among scientists, engineers and other professionals in the broad field of earthquake engineering through sharing knowledge, ideas, results of research and practical experience.


Engineers, scientists, architects, insurers, contractors, and all those who have an interest in earthquakes and their effects are eligible for membership. 

As a member you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Full voting privileges.
  • Online access to the latest issues of The Bulletin.
  • Discounts for annual meetings, seminars, and publications.

Membership types include:

  • Student: $70 (excl GST) per year
  • Young Professional: $70 (excl GST) per year
  • Ordinary (Individuals): $140 (excl GST) per year
  • Corporate: $250 (excl GST) per year
  • A printed copy of Bulletin - add on to International memberships: $150 (excl GST) per year

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