The Engineering General Practitioners (EGP) provides members a mechanism to share and learn from one another, tackle challenges together and influence advocacy in the interest of general practice engineers.

What the group does

EGPs deal holistically with a range of engineering situations and undertake a multidisciplinary approach when offering solutions. EGPs are skilled in understanding technical challenges, especially at an early stage of a project. EGPs understand their bounds of competence, and know when and where to refer clients if further investigation or specialist advice is required.

They aim to:

  • Raise the quality bar
  • Are professionally recognised
  • Have a voice with industry and regulatory bodies
  • Are professionally current and informed
  • Are connected with each other

The committee prioritised what of the mission statements were most important to them. The above are in order of importance to the committee.

Their objectives are:

  • To cast the net and encourage as many engineers, of all types, who may define themselves as Generalists rather than Specialists, to join the group and share experiences.
  • To work towards an Engineering General Practice quality mark with Engineering New Zealand.
  • To establish what Skills should be defined as Engineering General Practice and what should be defined as Specialist.
  • To promote learning of the wide range of EGP skills.
  • To promote discussion/ learning/coffee groups for Engineers who work in these Practice areas.
  • To promote volunteer “Colleague Reviews” (not called Peer Review but similar) between members.
  • To make organisations such as Engineering New Zealand, Councils, MBIE, etc aware of our objectives.
  • To raise the standard of work presented to Councils by Engineers.
  • To promote the removal of the requirement of each Council in NZ to carry out their own assessment of Engineers.

The Engineering General Practitioners Group (EGP) is a special interest group of Engineering New Zealand.

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As a member, you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Promotion of General Practice engineering 
  • Professional development specific to your needs
  • Encourage the Engineering New Zealand assessment team to recognise ‘good general practice’
  • Opportunities to meet locally with EGP peers
  • Online learning opportunities    
  • Member newsletters

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