Am I eligible? If you have a recognised engineering qualification and fewer than five years' engineering experience you qualify for this membership.

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As an Emerging Professional Member, you'll be able to take advantage of our development programme tailored to recent graduates. It'll help you transition to work and build the skills you need to be an outstanding engineering professional. Completing a development programme also means you can get on the fast track to becoming a full Member. If you choose to not take part in a development programme, you'll only move to the Member class after 5 years.

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Build solid networks

Future-proof your career by creating and maintaining a vast network of contacts. Your network of industry contacts will give you access to a continued level of guidance throughout your career and open you up to incredible opportunities.

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Learn and save

You’re new to the working world and we know that money can be tight. Use your membership to get discounts on our professional development courses and online learning. Get the experience, training, and expertise you need to achieve your career goals without blowing your budget.

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Be in the know
Our membership magazine EG showcases the industry innovators who bring engineering to life. Keep an eye out for the next issue in the mailbox.
Access all resources
You’ll have access to all Engineering New Zealand resources – from best practice and design documents to our magazine EG – plus extra benefits like retail discounts and wellbeing resources.

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Use your voice
As the future of engineering, your voice makes a difference. Every year you’ll be able assert your influence and vote for our Board members.

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Celebrate your achievements
We pride ourselves on celebrating the achievements of all our members. Prove you’ve got what it takes by applying for one of our awards.

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  • Completed recognised engineering or engineering geology qualification, or demonstrates knowledge through an assessment
  • Commits to the Engineering New Zealand Code of Ethical Conduct, and continuing professional development
  • Less than 5 years’ work experience


  • Meets Engineering New Zealand’s continuing professional development policy obligations


We’re here to support you as you start out in your career. One of the ways we do this is by providing discounts on your annual membership fee for your first three years of experience.

The discount is applied when your membership is renewed in October each year, or when applying to join as an Emerging Professional Member.

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If you join partway through our financial year (1 October – 30 September), we pro-rate the fee on a monthly basis. When your membership comes up for renewal on 1 October, we send an invoice for the new financial year.

If you're on a career break you can request a discounted rate.

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Become an Emerging Professional Member

Make the move from tertiary education to working life. Maximise professional development and networking opportunities as you embark on your engineering career.

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