We'll help you transition from study life to work life with our Emerging Professional Development Programme.

As an Emerging Professional Member, you’ll be able to take advantage of our development programme tailored specifically to recent graduates. This programme sets out a framework of learning that you can complete in your own time and in your own way over 2–3 years.

It’s designed to help you transition to work and build the skills you need to be outstanding engineering professionals. If your employer is an Engineering New Zealand Professional Development Partner (PDP), you can take part in their development programme instead.

A development programme gives you support as you begin your career, provides you with exposure to lots of areas, shows your commitment to personal development and is something you can be proud of achieving.

Completing a development programme also means you can get on the fast track to joining our Member class. If you choose to not take part in a development programme, you'll only advance to the Member class after five years.

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