Engineering New Zealand supports CROSS-AUS, which is a confidential reporting scheme that captures and shares lessons learned from structural safety incidents, to help prevent future failures.

CROSS-AUS allows engineers to confidentially share structural safety issues or matters of concern so that others can learn from them, through peer-reviewed reports that CROSS-AUS produces and circulates.

It’s not a whistleblowing scheme but instead a new way engineers can analyse and learn from mistakes and near misses. If an engineer reports an issue to CROSS-AUS, this doesn’t replace their obligations under the Code of Ethical Conduct to resolve the issue or report it to a regulator.

See our Code of Ethical Conduct

CROSS has been operating successfully in the UK since 2005. It’s modelled on the long-established American Aviation System Reporting System (ASRS) developed by NASA in 1976. CROSS-AUS was established in Australia in 2018 and has expanded across the Tasman in 2020, with Engineering New Zealand and SESOC becoming CROSS-AUS supporters.

CROSS-AUS published reports along with expert commentary are available on its website. Anyone can sign up to receive CROSS-AUS newsletters.