Our mission is to bring engineering to life, so our members can engineer better lives for New Zealanders.

Engineering New Zealand is a non-profit membership organisation. We're dedicated to promoting the interests of engineers and engineering and do so by having a voice on topical issues. Our members are professional, credible and up to date with industry changes. We support them every day to be the best engineers they can be, and shout their contribution to our communities from the rooftops. Put simply, we bring engineering to life.

As New Zealand’s professional body for engineers since 1914, we create a community of learning, collaboration, and support for engineers from all disciplines throughout the lifespan of their careers.

Why a butterfly?

We chose a butterfly for our logo because it embodies transformation, which is what engineering is all about. It also suggests creativity and biomimicry, which is that uncanny ability to engineer something reflecting the very best of nature. 

Our logo is dynamic, colourful and alive – all the things we want engineering to be seen as.