Ethics and continuing professional development underlie professionalism. Under our Membership Pathway, all members commit every year to following our Code of Ethical Conduct and completing 40 hours of continuing professional development.

You’ll make your annual commitment each September. We’ll be asking you to confirm that you’ve carried out 40 hours of professional development in the previous year. At the same time, we’ll ask you to commit to following our Code of Ethical Conduct over the next year. 

Who does the commitment apply to? 

  • Emerging Professional Members
  • Members
  • Chartered Members (all categories)
  • Fellows 
  • Distinguished Fellows

It does not apply to: 

  • Student Members
  • Honorary Fellows
  • Affiliate Members
  • Retired Members 

What forms of learning count? 

Many forms of professional development are eligible to count towards your 40 hours and we encourage you to complete a mixture. They include on-the-job learning, Branch and group activities or volunteer work, self-directed learning, mentoring, courses and conferences. 

Read more about what’s eligible in the Continuing Professional Development Regulations

Check out our courses and events.

How do I make my declaration? 

We’ll contact you in September 2018 and ask you to declare that you’ve completed 40 hours of CPD. At the same time, we’ll ask you to commit to following the Code of Ethical Conduct over the next year. 

Do I need to provide evidence? 

The annual commitment to professional development is a new requirement and September 2018 will be the first time you’re asked to make it. Over the next two years, we’ll phase in audits of annual declarations. 

We encourage you to start recording your CPD this year. You can choose to do this in the secure area of our website, under learning records. Recording your CPD here means you’ll always have access to it. But you can use any kind of written record that suits you. 

Read the Annual Commitment to Ethics and CPD policy 

Read our Continuing Professional Development Regulations