If you’re looking for guidance on our Assessment process you’re in the right place. This Assessment Guidance will help guide you through starting your assessment process, incorporating work and learning documents and understanding how we define complexity.

Understanding the Assessment Process

If you’re taking a first time assessment or being reassessed for CPEng, you’ll need to complete all five stages of the assessment Process:

  1. Preparation
  2. Validation
  3. Evaluation
  4. Recommendation
  5. Decision

Starting your Assessment

Hints and tips on how to start

Creating Work and Learning Records

Learn how to record and use your Work and Learning records to show your commitment to professional development and capture your engineering work.

Competence Standards for Chartered membership and CPEng

Find out what we require you to demonstrate against the Assessment Criteria.

Assessment criteria for first time assessment -Structural Engineers

If you’re a structural Engineer there is additional guidance to help you complete your first time assessment.

Assessment Criteria for Chartered Member (Engineering Geologist)

If you’re an Engineering Geologist there is additional guidance to help you complete your first time assessment.

Reassessment for continued CPEng Registration

How to use your work records to show your continued competence at reassessment time.

How we define complexity

Competence based membership or registration requires evidence of how you carry out engineering work at a particular level of complexity. Find out our definitions for complex engineering problems and activities.

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More useful documents

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