Our facilitators are senior engineers specifically trained in facilitation and mediation techniques. They can be asked by the NZCRS to act as an independent facilitator between engineers who have different opinions on damage resulting from natural disasters and reinstatement recommendations.

The facilitator will bring the engineers together to talk about where their opinions align and where they are misaligned. The purpose of the facilitation is to give everyone greater clarity about how to move towards resolving the insurance claim.

No binding decisions are made in the facilitation. At the end of the facilitation, the parties are provided with an “outcome statement”, which will give them clarity about the engineering views. They can use the outcome statement to help move their claim forward.

The facilitator will talk to the homeowner or their representative both before the facilitation meeting and afterwards, to ensure the homeowner is well briefed on the process.

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Facilitators – specialising in damage assessment resulting from natural disasters

  • Dave McGuigan
  • Geoffrey Farquhar
  • Gregory Clark
  • Murray Frost
  • Nick Traylen
  • Paul Campbell
  • Steven Knowles