Currently, the Christchurch Earthquake Expert Engineering Panel provides technical and expert advice to help resolve insurance claims on referral from the New Zealand Claims Resolution Service (NZCRS) and the Christchurch Earthquake Insurance Tribunal. The Expert Engineering Panel service will be extended for all natural disasters, as part of the NZCRS.

The Panel is administered by Engineering New Zealand and is independent of the Courts, insurers and homeowners. 

The NZCRS or the Tribunal can make a request to Engineering New Zealand for the Panel’s services. Engineering New Zealand will directly and independently engage a Panel Member to carry out that service. NZCRS Case Managers will discuss with the homeowner the costs involved with engaging a Panel Member.

Engineering New Zealand is working to expand the Panel’s services in 2023 to provide services to support all natural disasters occurring anywhere in New Zealand.

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Services provided by the Panel

Initial appraisals

The NZCRS can ask a Panel Member to carry out an initial appraisal. This could be under a joint instruction from the homeowner and the insurer.

Its purpose is to determine steps that could be taken to resolve the claim.

It typically involves a conversation with the homeowner about their observations of earthquake damage or inadequate repairs, a visual assessment of the home, and a brief report about issues that could require another process under the NZCRS.

Peer review

The NZCRS or the Tribunal can ask a Panel Member to carry out a peer review of an engineering assessment of earthquake damage and reinstatement recommendations for a home.

The peer review can include advice about whether sufficient investigations have been carried out, the evidence supports the findings, the report meets the brief, the correct standards have been applied, and the conclusions in the report are robust.

Reinstatement recommendation

The NZCRS can ask a Panel Member to carry out an engineering assessment, advise on earthquake damage and recommend an appropriate reinstatement methodology.

Expert advice

A Panel Member can be asked by the NZCRS or the Tribunal to provide independent expert engineering advice during a determination of an insurance claim. This would involve acting in accordance with the High Court Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses.

Technical Expert

A Panel Member can be asked by the Tribunal to attend a hearing and to provide expert evidence or assist the Tribunal with technical evidence that is being heard.


A Panel Member can be asked by the NZCRS or the Tribunal to facilitate a meeting between experts, to discuss points of difference and provide recommendations for next steps.

Commission a report

A Panel Member can be asked by the Tribunal to provide an engineering report, to assist in claims, where no expert evidence has been submitted in respect of a claim before it.

Engineers on the Panel

The Panel was appointed by the Engineering New Zealand Board on the recommendation of a cross-stakeholder evaluation team for the assessment of damage resulting from the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.

The evaluation team included senior engineers, a homeowner representative, a barrister who works exclusively for homeowners, and a lawyer who works for both insurers and homeowners.

Engineers were recommended to the Panel based on a number of factors, including their technical expertise, experience and cross-stakeholder acceptability.

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Current Panel Members

Appointed to assist with earthquake damage assessments and reinstatement recommendations, and facilitations.

Structural members

  • Andrew Marriott
  • Chris Burrell-Smith
  • Geoff Bunn
  • Gregory Clark
  • Jitendra Bothara 
  • Julius Long
  • Murray Frost
  • Philip Cook 
  • Phillip Paterson
  • Simon Finn
  • Steven Knowles

Geotechnical members

  • Donald Bruggers
  • Elliot Duke
  • Geoffrey Farquhar
  • Jan Kupec
  • Nick Traylen
  • Robert Kamuhangire
  • Philip Cook 


  • Andrew Marriott 
  • Dave McGuigan
  • Geoffrey Farquhar 
  • Gregory Clark   
  • Murray Frost 
  • Nick Traylen
  • Paul Campbell
  • Steven Knowles