You can be part of our Panel of recognised Engineers to the Contract.

Engineers to the Contract (EtCs) play a vital role in the delivery of building and civil engineering construction projects as given in the New Zealand Standard (NZS) 3910:2013 conditions of contract.

EtCs moderate the interests of the contractor and the principal in building and construction contracts. They also adjudicate where necessary.


EtCs do not need to be engineers. As defined in the Standard, the EtC can be a professional engineer, architect, surveyor or another person identified in the Special Conditions or appointed by the Principal. The EtC must be a natural person – they can’t be a body corporate or a firm.

What’s happening?

We’re establishing a Panel of recognised EtCs who meet set criteria. Panel members are recognised by their peers and the public as having the professional skills, experience and mana to be highly effective in the role.

The establishment of this Panel is part of Engineering New Zealand’s contribution to the Construction Sector Accord. (This is a separate and distinct Panel from the National Supplier Panel for Engineer to Contract being tendered by Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities).

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What is the role of the Panel?

The Panel supports the independence and success of the EtC role by

  • providing clarification on who can perform the role
  • setting the standard for those undertaking the role
  • providing mentorship and support as needed

What is the purpose of the Panel?

The Panel provides a public list of recognised EtCs. Parties entering construction contracts can choose an EtC from the Panel who meets their needs, and engage them directly under their usual contracting processes. The Panel also sets a benchmark for EtCs to perform in the building and construction sector. All parties – including contractors, principals, EtCs and others – will benefit from knowing who has been recognised as capable of fulfilling the duties of the role for their building and construction projects.


The Panel will begin as a pilot, for six months, from around late February 2022. The first round of appointments will be to a Pilot Panel, with view to scaling up gradually after the pilot phase.

During the Pilot, Panel members may be invited to help develop resources to support the EtC role.

Find out more about the Pilot phase and the Pilot partners.

Panel governance

The Panel will be governed by a Steering Group with representatives from organisations across the building and construction sectors. Engineering New Zealand will provide a Panel Coordinator to support the Panel.

Find out more about the Steering Group.

Application process

Applicants will be assessed through a three-stage process including a written application, interview and referee check. Applicants successfully appointed to the Panel will take part in an induction hui.

Find out more about the application process.

Terms of appointment

Panel members are appointed for a three-year term.

Being a Pilot Panel member may require you to invest some time contributing to the development of the Panel’s operations and material such as training resources. If you cannot offer your time at the moment, there will be future opportunities to apply to join the Panel after the pilot phase.

The Steering Group will look to appoint as many appropriate Panel members that fulfil the criteria and meet the needs of the pilot.

Find out more about the terms of appointment.

Apply now

Download and complete the form to apply

Applications for the Pilot Phase close on 28 February 2022. If you are interested in joining the Panel after the Pilot Phase, you are very welcome to do apply now or in the future. Applications received after 28 February 2022 will be evaluated for inclusion in the next stage of the Panel’s operations.

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