Our goal is to help councils provide certainty for owners as soon as we can. Find out more if you own an impacted property.

As of May 2024, 946 properties were known to be impacted throughout New Zealand, with 39 councils affected. Within those properties are likely to be multiple victims.

See our list of affected councils.

Councils have the relationship with owners in their regions, and Engineering New Zealand encourages any owner who needs help to get in touch with their local council first. Consenting processes differ between councils – there is no singular or mandated process any council must follow for consenting designs.

JB Hall has now pleaded guilty to 112 charges of forgery for misappropriating the signatures of Chartered Professional Engineers. His membership with Engineering New Zealand is currently suspended until disciplinary proceedings are finalised.

Many impacted owners will have concerns about insurance and liability. Engineering New Zealand cannot provide financial or legal assistance to owners and encourages owners to seek assistance from their local council, lawyer and/or insurer.

Owners who require engineering services can use our database to Find an engineer to find a Chartered Professional Engineer or other engineering professional. Any notices against members and Chartered Professional Engineers are specified on the database.

If you have questions about the approach Engineering New Zealand is taking, or would like a confidential chat or general information, contact us at concerns@engineeringnz.org

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