Information and guidance for engineers, councils and architects involved in the review of consented designs.

Producer statements

Our producer statement templates for Design (PS1), Design Review (PS2) and Construction Review (PS4) provide for the use of secure signatures for engineers submitting producer statements to councils.

Evaluation tool and Statement of Professional Opinion

This evaluation tool and statement of professional opinion (SOPO) – revised 2nd August 23 provides a common framework for engineers to evaluate and communicate key factors and risks in impacted buildings and sites. It can be used where a PS2 is unable to be signed because the design being reviewed does not comply with the relevant provisions of the Building Code.

Find an engineer

Use our database to Find an engineer if you need a Chartered Professional Engineer or other engineering professional.

Wellbeing resources

We know a number of engineers have taken on a considerable amount of extra work to support local councils. We are mindful this may add further pressure to already stressful workloads.

Our wellbeing tools can help you recognise and manage depression, burnout, anxiety, and stress, and provide information about where to get help.

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