On reflection, it can be easy to see why an issue has arisen but this may not be so easy to see at the time. ‘Learning from disciplinary decisions’ will help you learn, grow, and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes.

Engineering New Zealand Te Ao Rangahau receives around 50 concerns and complaints about Chartered Professional Engineers and members every year. Typically, these relate to:

  • miscommunication
  • inattention to client care
  • a misunderstanding over what the engineer has been engaged to do (or what they can’t do)
  • serious issues of competence
  • ethical conduct.

In the first of our series, we will first ask you to identify the problem and what options you can see to resolve it. Following this, expert engineers provide commentary on how they would have approached the problem, and what systems and processes they would use to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes.

‘Learning from disciplinary decisions’ aims to provide you with CPD opportunities and helps you learn from the mistakes of others. You are encouraged, where practical, to gather in groups to discuss the cases and share ideas and experiences of your own.

All cases will be anonymised as far as possible.

Case studies

Fire Report – August 2023   |  1.7 MB

Southland Stadium – April 2023   |  5.8 MB

Boundary cut – February 2023   |  5.1 MB

Retaining wall – November 2022   |  2.6 MB

Truck and trailer – September 2022   |  1.1 MB

Residential house – July 2022   |  2.1 MB