Webinars to support Engineering Climate Action

NZGBC Rating Tools – for better and more sustainable buildings

Buildings and their construction account for as much as 20% of New Zealand's emissions. New Zealand Green Building Council, Te Kaunihera Hanganga Tautaiao (NZGBC) is on a mission to change that. In this Climate Conversation Brad Crowley, Senior Manager, Buildings and Communities at NZGBC discusses the benefits of green building certifications including the different rating tools managed by NZGBC. He also talks about the new update to the rating tool, Green Star Buildings and how engineers can make sure this new tool is fit for purpose for New Zealand. View the presentation slides

Embodied carbon and its incorporation into New Zealand’s regulatory systems

Antonia Reid, Policy Director for the Building for Climate Change Programme, and Katie Symons, Principal Advisor, Engineering, from MBIE’s Building System Performance Branch presented on embodied carbon. In this climate conversation they cover technical methodology, what engineers need to know, and what’s next in incorporating this into the regulatory systems.

There is no recording but Antonia and Katie have kindly agreed to share their slides from this climate conversation

Key Principles of a Circular Economy

In this climate conversation, Debbie O'Byrne discusses the key principles of a Circular Economy and help engineers understand and leverage the shift in thinking a CE transition creates.

NZ concrete industry's journey towards NET ZERO carbon

Ralf Kessel is the convener of the Concrete NZ Masonry Sector Group and of the Concrete NZ Sustainability Committee which was established in May 2019 and will discuss the industry's journey towards NET ZERO carbon.

Research for reducing environmental impact involving renovations of historic buildings in NZ

Rachel Paschoalin will share her research involving renovations of historic buildings in New Zealand, towards a holistic method for reducing environmental impact.

A hospital pass

Jack Young, a mechanical engineer, discusses how the heavily regulated, change-averse healthcare sector has begun to drive transformational change to tackle the task of energy transition – and what can be learned and applied across other industries.

What te ao Māori can teach us about climate change

In our first Climate Conversation, Akuhata Bailey-Winiata (University of Waikato) speaks specifically about his work on the relevance and application of mātauranga and te ao Māori in climate change.