Technology is innovation by design – it's all about using science to solve practical problems in clever ways.

Technology is often designed to simplify our daily lives and is changing rapidly. Computer power, air travel and robotics all apply technology to make us more productive and create faster and easier ways for people to live their lives. 

Better ways to preserve food, harness bacteria to produce medicines and high tech medical instruments like MRI scanners have dramatically improved our health. While iPhones, the internet and virtual reality have radically changed the way we communicate.

Key technology areas: 

  • Biotechnology is about using living things (such as plant and animal cells, bacteria and yeasts) to create new products and solve problems in areas from medicine and food processing to industrial waste treatment. 
  • Digital technology – also known as information and communications technology – is anything to do with computers, mobile devices and the internet. 
  • Food technology uses science and engineering to create innovative new food and drink products, improve manufacturing efficiency and develop more sustainable packaging. 
  • Product development is about turning new ideas into marketable products, processes or services – in areas from mountain bikes to energy-efficient fridges, medical devices to high-performance sports equipment. 

What kind of jobs do people in technology have? 

Robotics Engineer 

Robotics engineers design robots, develop new ways to use them, and research how to expand their potential. A robot is a complex form of automated system as it is able to detect outside stimuli and react by changing its own behaviour. 

Electronics Engineer

Electronic engineers and technicians design, develop and oversee production of electronic equipment and systems. 

CAD Draftsperson

A CAD draftsperson uses Computer Assisted Design software to draw plans and make 3D computer models. 

Test Analyst/Software Tester

Software testers analyse newly-developed computer software and systems to identify potential problems and help come up with solutions to fix them. Most software testers are employed by companies that develop software, websites and mobile applications. They may work alongside software developers, engineers and other IT professionals. 

Food Technologist

Food technologists research and develop new food and beverage products and/or improve the quality of existing products. They may also develop or improve the processing, packaging, storage, and safety of food in line with government and industry standards. 

Geospatial Specialist

Geospatial specialists gather, combine, analyse and use geographic and spatial (location-based) information. They present this information in user-friendly formats such as maps and 3D models, and may also develop geospatial software.