There are many different rewarding, challenging and creative jobs for people with digital technology skills, including software developer, computer systems engineer, and web, games or multimedia developer.

If you're innovative and like working with technology, this could be the field for you. 

Main areas of digital technology:

Information Technology specialists focus on technology such as hardware, networking, servers, operating systems and software. 

Information Systems roles are concerned with the information that computer systems provide to help an organisation, such as managing financial accounts and customer databases. 

Software Engineering is about the development and maintenance of software systems. A software engineer might design, write and test computer programs, and often is involved in a project from original idea to final product. 

Computer Science looks at the maths and science behind computers, and how people use them. People with computer science qualifications work in a wide range of roles, from designing and developing computer systems to programming, developing software, and managing complex computer networks. 

Computer Systems Engineering is about designing, developing and operating computer systems. Computer systems engineers may specialise in computer hardware, software or the embedded computer systems used in cars and mobile phones. 

Media Design combines digital technologies and design, and includes areas such as: computer game programming and design, website and app design and development, computer-generated imagery (CGI) for films, TV and games, and audio/visual communication.

What kinds of jobs do people in digital technology have? 

Game Developer

Game developers design, code and test computer games based on their own or others’ ideas. Games may be developed for a range of platforms including mobile phones, social media or game consoles. 

Software Developer 

Software developers and engineers write, test, develop and maintain complex computer software programs. 

Information Technology Architect

Information technology (IT) architects analyse an organisation's IT needs, recommend solutions and oversee their delivery and implementation.