Thanks for all your feedback on the CPEng Review, which we released for consultation in late 2020. Following your feedback, we've decided on our next steps.

Feedback generally supported the review’s proposals. This included strong support for: changes to the assessments process; the removal of the six-yearly reassessment process; and discipline-specific registration. Your detailed feedback about the potential implications of those changes has been very helpful. It will be taken into account as we plan implementation.

The feedback reinforces the urgency of this work.

We are proceeding with a first phase that includes changes to CPEng assessments and reassessments, and separating the Registration Authority function and governance more clearly from Engineering New Zealand.

While we’ve planned subsequent phases, we are waiting to see the scope and timeframe of MBIE’s proposed reforms of how engineers are regulated before progressing them.

The CPEng Review feedback will not only support us we work to strengthen CPEng but will also inform our ongoing work to support Engineering New Zealand membership, the occupational regulation of engineers and general professional services.

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